Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons

Learn how to really use your camera with photography lessons with Black Grouse Media. We offer individual photography lessons and group photography workshops covering everything from the basics through to more advanced photography techniques.

Learn to use Manual Mode

You may have a new camera, you may have had one for years. Either way, you may have never had the time to learn how to use the manual mode on your camera and you're missing out!

We can start out with the basics of photography with the ultimate aim to get you using Manual mode for all of your photography which will open your eyes to a whole new world of creative possibilities!

We'll take shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how to use them all to produce the exact photograph you want to. We'll also cover when you might not want to use Manual mode, but still keep your creative options open.

Control wheel on a digital camera

Advanced Photography Techniques

A camera taking product photography

Advanced Camera Techniques

In our more advanced lessons we can look at advanced techniques, whether you want to take black background images naturally and without the need for Photoshop, or whether you want to take stunning product photos with everything in focus, our advanced lessons can be tailored to exactly what you want to focus on.

A female photographer taking equine photography of a white horse

Off Camera Flash

Flash is a really tricky thing to master but once you have an understanding, you can create some wonderful photography and it's not reserved for taking photos in the dark. If you want to take natural black background images or take beautiful portraits at sunset, you'll need to master off camera flash. We can teach you all about what equipment you need and how to utilise it all to get the best images you possibly can.