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We offer website development and web design that is beautiful, functional and above all, that drives you to business goals.

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How we work with your business


Get in touch if you would like to discuss website design with us.
We'll have a chat about your requirements, web design ideas and any other bits and pieces we need.
We'll then produce you a detailed proposal to cover the full design and launch process along with a detailed quote for the work.

Draft & Design

In this phase we will start with the basic branding and design of the website, including colour schemes and overall look and feel.
While we are doing this, you might be putting some thought into the overall structure of your site. (Or we can do that if you like)


The nuts and bolts of the website and the most important part to drive users to your site is the content.
Normally clients supply their content to us and we might edit it a bit to improve SEO performance if required.
We'll also add images at this stage and make the site look amazing.

SEO & Launch

Once all the content is in place and we've run a final review of all links and navigation, we'll add some basic SEO to your site as well as get it submitted to Google Search Console and other tasks so you can be found.
If you opt for one of our advanced hosting packages we will also undertake regular SEO reviews and provide analytics reports.

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Professional SEO Services

We use our experience in SEO strategies to ensure that your site has the best chance at ranking highest on search engines. We can never guarantee how high you will actually rank, but we can guarantee our SEO strategies will ensure we do our very best to get you as high as possible.
Our strategies include:

Membership Website Design

Passive Income Generation

Black Grouse Media has designed and deployed several membership based online platforms both as websites and apps. Adding a paid membership option to your business increases your revenue via a passive stream whilst creating a community for your business to engage with.

Gated Content

If you're running a paid membership site we have several options to integrate your site into a content gateway system which will ensure that only your paid members get access to the content you want them to have.

Build your membership base

Your membership site design will be usually made up of at least two separate parts, the open bit and the members-only section. We will work to ensure that your site has the best SEO possible to attract new members whilst keeping your gated content secure.

eCommerce Website Design

Your Online Store

We design online stores for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We design your ecommerce website to be simple to operate and easy for your customers to use whilst ensuring industry grade security and designing it to your precise brief.

Your Choice of ECommerce Provider
We utilise a flexible platform to build websites meaning that we can either create a native ecommerce site which is built directly within your site, or alternatively we can integrate any number of other ecommerce solutions such as Shopify so your experience will be entirely seamless.
Your online shop window
Your ecommerce site is your shop. It's the window to your business and ultimately your customers will choose to purchase (or not) depending on their experience in the shop. We ensure that our functional and responsive designs work on all devices and look great no matter whether you're using a phone or desktop computer.